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Doing thing within 💯 days.

After moving to Washington, D.C. in 2018 and almost one decade in the Strategy Consulting and Executive world I've decided to challenge myself with some projects I've had in mind. To create an efficient ideation and execution process i've developed my own approach: Doing things every single day for a limited period of time. The idea of was born. Within the first two years I've challenged myself in some ventures, founded my first business and embraced others to do the same. Many challenges later I've created a detailed entrepreneurial approach around how to ideate and execute the first 100 days of any project that comes up to your mind. No matter which level of expertise you have, no matter how passion or business driven your project idea is, the 100 days approach helps you to figure out, if your project is worth a shot in the long run. If you want to learn more about the 100 days approach just write me. I can't wait to learn more about your project/idea!

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Challenge #7

Moving Life Cycle Program 2023/2024

After one year Cultures.Academy together with a team of experts i developed a learning model based program exclusively dedicated to working nomads. If you want to learn more about this current project please visit: (this program is currently available in German only)

Challenge #6

By becoming a member of TOA NFT Creators Klub we quickly decided to start a project called "Klub 4 Ukraine" How we're helping Ukraine Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is an independent and humanitarian NGO and is supplying much-needed medical help to Ukraine. To maintain its political neutrality, the organisation relies exclusively on donations, making Klub 4 Ukraine all the more urgent. Besides on-site medical help, MSF provides medical evacuations by train, mobile clinics, urgent medical supplies, health worker training, and cold weather supplies to those most affected by the Ukrainian war. All donations gathered by the auction will be sent directly to MSF (the only funds that we are unable to collect for MSF are the gas fees incurred by the fund transition from the TOA wallet to DWB). The auction is strictly humanitarian and not-for-profit. діти is my NFT genesis piece and it was airdropped to one of the top donators of the klub.eth #westandwithukraine auction During this project I've created not only my artwork but also the final collab NFT and the token which was airdropped to the top donors. More info:

my Genesis NFT project
a collab with TOA Klub

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Challenge #5

a platform for learning experiences specifically designed for global nomads

Together with Natallia Royamanech and Heike Kauls I've founded Cultures.Academy in 2021. Backed by the German Foreign Office I'm currently working on a platform of contemporary learning experiences. We're already a community of more than 300 global nomads. Visit our home page:

Challenge #4

When Dr. Farzana Soleimankehl-Hanke ( asked me if I’m down to a film project she has in mind, I agreed immediately without any hesitations! If you’ve read her book and you understand what she’s passionate about, you’ll agree when I say: everything she’s doing is a shining example of what we need more today in this crazy world! ​ Last year I spent most of my free time on listening and learning from the peaceful protest in Washington, D.C.. Those very emotional moments have provided me with unique insights and a lot of inspiration for this new 100 days film project. ​ I’m stoked, excited and 100% ready for this journey of learning and discovery! Definitely an experience for me, but especially for YOU! The first version of this film is produced but not released yet.

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Daughter of Beirut
a 100 days film project

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Challenge #3

100 days of peaceful protest.
Photobook (sold out)

„You might have killed the dreamer, but you can’t kill the dream.“ (American civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton, March on Washington, August 28, 2020) Three months earlier. May 28, 2020, Washington, D.C. a series of protests following the killing of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black American man, who was killed on May 25 in Minneapolis, Minnesota during an arrest for allegedly using a counterfeit bill. Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, knelt on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes 46 seconds. While George Floyd was handcuffed and lying face down, he is repeatedly saying „I can’t breathe“. Between May and November 2020, I’ve spent almost every free minute on this project. I’ve listened and learned from DC’s protests. For over three months, I was visiting over 35 events at different locations across the entire District to compile a mosaic composed of dozens, if not hundreds micro-stories. Today, another three months later, it has become reality: my debut photo book “you can’t kill the dream – 100 days of peaceful protest”. The essence of what I saw during these first 100 days of protests in Washington, D.C. I want to highlight in one simple message: These protests in Washington, D.C. have been mostly peaceful. This summer I saw solidarity and countless acts of care and fellowship in a way I’ve never seen before. And if we continue to listen. Really listen. And be prepared to be uncomfortable and sit with that discomfort for a while we’ll take the first essential steps to create a lasting positive change in our society. This message carried by some of my captures to help build a visual narrative is my way to show appreciation to those who are fighting for that positive change. To all peaceful protesters out there getting in good trouble. It ain’t over!

Challenge #2

Organic Cosmetics.
Made with ♥️ in Berlin.

My journey as a Co-Founder at Coscoon GmbH started with a 100 days sprint, writing a business plan and execute a funding strategy. After these intense 100 days together with Aino Simon und Sonja Steberl we founded Coscoon GmbH and successfully raised 200k Euro in Berlin to finance our first steps. Within 3 years we grow a successfully operating 6 figure business with sales in four european countries. I've exited the business in 2022.

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Challenge #1

The first 100 days.

To develop a deep understanding about how to ideate and execute projects within 100 days I've decided to start with something that helps not only me personally but also others in the first days during the transition process of moving to Washington, D.C.. That's how the "FIRST 100 DAYS GUIDE" came to life. I created content every day, curating everything useful to get started in Washington, D.C. My work not only included photos, text and checklists but also interviews with experts in the fields of community, networking, career and parenting. I successfully started colaborations with the spouse & partner associations at the German Embassy and World Bank. After 100 days I've decided to finish this Guide and make it available through these associations.

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